Holistic Pelvic Care & Women's Health

A range of services and packages for women's
health available to meet your needs.

Personal Training for your Vagina

Tighten and tone your vagina.
Improving vaginal health and boosting sexual pleasure.

Fertility & Pre-Conception

Boost your fertility naturally & get your health in the best possible
shape ready for pregnancy.


Soothe the symptoms of pregnancy. Embrace your changing body.
Have a happy & healthy nine months.

Post-Natal Care

Support for your body as it recovers from pregnancy.
Healthy mind and healthy body supports happy bonding.

Tone Your Vagina After Having A Baby

Take advantage of the 'Tone My Vagina' offer.
Gets you feeling 'back to normal' after pregnancy and birth.

Incontinence & Prolapse

Alternative options for conventional medical treatments.
A strong pelvic floor supports your bladder.

Connecting To Your Female Wisdom

Shiatsu & Holistic Pelvic Care allows you to access the medicine that is held in
the root of the female body.

Helen Hunt is the UK’s only provider of Holistic Pelvic Care. She is also a shiatsu practitioner specialising in women’s health and pregnancy. Helen works in private practice with clinics offering an integrated approach to women and men's healthcare in both London and Dorset.


Services On Offer

Women’s Health and Wellbeing

I can help with…

  • Pelvic pain, painful periods, fibroids, painful sex and vaginal dryness
  • Dilator treatment for vaginismus
  • Effects of cancer treatment
  • Transition through the menopause
  • Vulvodynia
  • Healing from abuse and trauma
  • Restoring long-term vaginal health

And more…

Fertility, Pregnancy and Postnatal

I can help with…

  • Enhancing fertility
  • Supporting pregnancy and prenatal bonding
  • Perineal massage in preparation for labour
  • Pelvic girdle instability and symphysis pubis dysfunction
  • Low-lying placenta
  • Birth difficulties and trauma
  • Post-natal recovery, bonding and pelvic floor toning
  • Birth loss, miscarriage and abortion

And more…

Vaginal Personal Training

I can help with…

  • Feeling tightened, toned and strengthened
  • Reducing risk of problems arising in the future
  • Boosting your sex drive, pleasure and orgasms
  • Stress incontinence and prolapse
  • Strengthening your pelvic floor after childbirth
  • Long-term maintenance of a strong and healthy pelvic floor

And more…

Helen Hunt is a Pelvic CareTM Practitioner and Women’s health Shiatsu Practitioner. Helen works in private practice, with clinics in both London and Dorset.

Helen is currently the only practitioner here in the UK to provide Holistic Pelvic CareTM.

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A word on pelvic and vaginal health…

“The organs are meant to move, expand, empty….Should they not be able to expand fully because of fibrotic attachments, endometrial adhesions, tissue changes or scarring from surgery, the patient may present with symptoms of pressure, pain, constipation, urinary frequency, dyspareunia….to name but a few. Should the organs not be stabilized in their proper positions because of weakened or torn muscles and ligaments, problems such as prolapse, perineal pressure, pelvic heaviness, constipation and urinary retention may present. Thus, it is a fine balance of mobility and stability of the structures that maintains pelvic health.” -The Gynecological Manual, APTA Section for Women’s Health

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