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I am a specialist pelvic healthcare practitioner for both women and men. I use my training and professional experience to provide a unique, tailor-made service for my clients. I work alongside other professionals including doctors, midwives, physiotherapists and counsellors to provide a fully integrated service.


The philosophy behind the services I offer

My unique approach

I believe in an integrated approach to treating my clients. This means I embrace both conventional medicine and complementary alternatives, rather than just one or the other.

I approach every client and their needs individually. Whether you need treatment for pelvic pain, healing from abuse/trauma or simply want to increase their pelvic floor strength and tone your vagina for greater sexual pleasure, I approach each client and their needs individually. In order for a client to gain the greatest amount of tone in their pelvic muscles, the greatest amount of healing from a physical health complaint or transformation from an emotional event, a client’s awareness of their pelvis is key to all of the services I provide, and supports clients in reaching past a fix-it mentality to greater health and wellbeing in their pelvis.

My approach is rooted in a strong appreciation and respect for conventional medicine and more holistically based mind-body approaches. I accept referrals from professionals as well as referring clients to other healthcare providers when necessary.

I empower clients and encourage active participation in their own health where my aim is to bring relief from symptoms with a goal to address the root cause. I will give you recommendations and a variety of tools for you to enhance your own health and wellbeing yourself.

The 3 components to a session

What makes my approach different, as mentioned above, is the integration of three key components that incorporate the physical, emotional and mental:

1. Internal Pelvic Therapy
The Physical
– Conventional (the new)

Uses techniques used by some women’s health physiotherapists; trigger point therapy, myofascial release, and gentle internal massage to enhance pelvic floor muscle strength and enhance vaginal health. These techniques work very physically with the musculature and tissues of the pelvis. Incorporates dilator treatment for vaginismus and ante-natal perineal massage for labour preparation.

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2. Acupressure & Shiatsu
The Emotional & Physical
– Holistic (the ancient)

Helen is a shiatsu practitioner and brings a comprehensive understanding of the intricate meridian system as used by acupuncturists as well as the simplicity of zen shiatsu which introduces a grounded basis for treatments. The targeted use of acupressure points, ancient medical eastern theory and an understanding of and ability to work with the whole body, allows for a more holistic approach to health problems.

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3. Body-Centered Dialogue
The Mind
– Integration

Conventional treatments often forget about the mind’s ability to impact on physical health, and alternative treatments often place too little focus on the benefit of physical-based therapies. The talking and dialogue techniques used in sessions are gentle yet focused, helping to integrate all three of the components that make up a session. It is a body-centered approach used during physical treatments to assist the client in taking an active role in their health and integrating the body, emotions and the mind.

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About me

Helen Hunt, MRSS

I am a pelvic care provider and shiatsu practitioner specialising in men and women’s pelvic health. I work in private practice, with clinics in both London and Dorset, offering an integrated approach to pelvic health.

I started working therapeutically with people in 2005 working in the counselling field.

I completed a three-year professional diploma in Shiatsu with The Bristol School of Shiatsu, training with Keith Philips. I set up my private practice working specifically with women.

I entered medical school as a mature student whilst maintaining a busy private women’s health shiatsu practice. After three years of training I decided to take time out of my training in order to persue further specialist training abroad in pelvic health and to further develop my private practice.

Post-graduate Shiatsu diploma with Suzanne Yates of Well Mother; an internationally renowned shiatsu teacher and pioneer in the field of pregnancy and birth who teaches all around the world. I am currently completing my postgraduate diploma with Suzanne Yates in ‘Pregnancy, Birth & Babyhood’.

Further post-graduate training in the USA in Holistic Pelvic CareTM with Tami Kent, MSPT, a specialist in women’s health physiotherapy. Have completed professional training in yoga therapy in the USA in order to further develop body-centered therapeutic counselling techniques to further complement my work with clients.

I worked as a Shiatsu Practitioner at The Aurora Health Foundation- a specialist therapy centre for people who have been abused in childhood.

I am a member of the Shiatsu Society and hold full insurance. I continue to receive professional supervision and guidance from mentors in order to provide a safe, up-to-date and ethical practice.

I have trained with many inspirational teachers: Keith Philips, Paul McNicholls, Thea Bailey, Suzanne Yates, Dr Sarah Buckley, Wataru Ohashi, Elissa Cobb and Tami Kent.

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