Dr Helen Irene Hunt, MBBS MRSS

I am a qualified doctor, pelvic care provider and registered shiatsu practitioner specialising in women’s pelvic health. I work in private practice, with clinics in both London and Dorset.

I trained in medicine at St George’s Medical School, University of London, having already started a women’s health shiatsu practice and with a background in the field of counselling as a drug rehabilitation worker.

While training as a doctor I could see there were skills and knowledge outside conventional medicine that were not being used in the field of women’s health. So halfway through my medical studies I took time out to pursue specialist training abroad in pelvic health with Tami Kent, a US-based specialist in women’s health physiotherapy.

I undertook this sabbatical as I felt it would make me better able to bridge the gap between what conventional and complementary medicines could each do to help women. Alongside this I studied for a professional qualification in yoga therapy in order to build upon body-centered therapeutic counselling techniques and further develop my work with clients.

After graduating from St George’s I opted to go straight into private practice, where I combine the principles of my medical training with my experience as a women’s health practitioner.

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Please note that while I am qualified as a doctor, I am unable to provide a conventional medical service for you. In addition to receiving pelvic care from me, I would also encourage all of my clients to access standard medical services prior, or in addition, to pelvic care treatments where appropriate.

I am a registered member of the Shiatsu Society and hold full insurance. I continue to receive professional supervision and guidance from mentors in order to provide a safe, up-to-date and ethical practice.