Through her experience, Helen has refined her skills, offering a tailormade service to clients integrating relevant techniques from holistic pelvic care, shiatsu and body-centered talking therapy.

Women’s Health & Gynaecology

Gynaecological complaints

Many women have gained varying degrees of relief from various gynaecological complaints. Some have seen certain problems resolved, and others have found a lessening of their symptoms. As with all treatment modalities, for a small number of women it has had little or no effect on their symptoms.

Stress Incontinence

Incontinence is not a normal part of growing older. Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles to give your bladder and urethra greater support, and you better control. Be able to cough, sneeze and giggle without the embarrassment.


Prolapse is treated using internal pelvic therapy and targeted acupressure points for strengthening the pelvic floor, restoring pelvic organ alignment and easing pelvic ‘heaviness’ and congestion.

Menstrual Problems

Painful periods, heavy periods and PMT can all be addressed through treatments, with often a reduction in symptoms or a treatment of the root cause. When working with menstrual problems, Helen works with women looking at their lifestyle and emotional health.

Pelvic Pain

There are many causes of pelvic pain and conventional treatments often provide little relief for a number of women. Treatments are tailored to individual needs and focus on internal pelvic therapy for restoring pelvic alignment, easing pelvic congestion and promoting long-term pelvic wellness.


Many specialists recommend a mind-body approach to the treatment of vulvodynia, involving psychotherapy and body-based or medical treatments. Treatments are usually extended sessions which focus on talking, body awareness and internal pelvic therapy. Click here to Read more

Sexual problems

A range of sexual problems can be addressed with internal pelvic therapy or with a more focused approach using talking and body awareness. Low libido, painful sex, vaginismus, difficulties achieving orgasm, or relaxing into intimacy are a few of the difficulties that can be addressed in treatments.


Women are often at a loss during the menopause with where to turn. Vaginal dryness, thinning of vaginal tissue, changes with libido and concerns about long-term vaginal and pelvic health can all be explored with internal pelvic therapy.

Effects of Cancer Treatment

Women undergoing or who have undergone cancer treatment are often left with a number of difficult-to-treat symptoms hindering their comfort and effecting their sexual lives. Vaginal dryness, irritation, thinning of vaginal tissue, low libido, painful sexual intercourse and emotional struggles with adapting to change and altered body image can all see relief and improvement with internal pelvic therapy.

Healing Abuse and Trauma

Pelvic care offers a gentle, respectful and holistic approach to healing abuse and trauma, such as physical and sexual abuse, and trauma from birth and invasive medical procedures. Integrating body-centered talking therapies with internal pelvic therapy can aid the healing process significantly. Helen requires you to be in contact and receiving regular support from a counsellor/psychotherapist. Referrals can be arranged or signposting to other services if needed.

Rectal prolapse, Haemorrhoids, Rectal leakage and Congestion

A strong, healthy pelvic floor and rectal muscles increases support and control in a number of rectal/anal conditions.

Fertility & Pre-Conception Care, Pregnancy, and the Postnatal period

Fertility and pre-conception care

The unique combination of internal pelvic therapy and fertility acupressure supports in increasing blood flow and alignment in the pelvis and clears pelvic congestion, enhancing fertility. Addresses other problems hindering fertility such as intimacy, stress and lifestyle choices. The sessions can also support conventional fertility treatment.

Tone Your Vagina After Having A Baby

Get everything feeling ‘back to normal’ after having a baby. Increase pelvic and vaginal tone by strengthening the pelvic floor. A strong pelvic floor reduces your chance of complications later in life, such as stress incontinence.

Postnatal Treatments

Not only do the pelvic muscles need strengthening and toning, but women often experience difficulty in bonding and struggle with baby blues or postnatal depression. Treatments are focused on restoring physical balance and wellness in the pelvis as well as addressing emotional difficulties during this vital time.

Healing Birth Trauma

Using Shiatsu and/or Holistic Pelvic CareTM to support your healing and recovery after birth trauma. Whether labour went according to plan but was overwhelming or whether there were physical or emotional complications leaving you struggling to work through them.

Vaginal Personal Training

Strengthening, tightening and toning the vagina

The introduction of the first vaginal workout for women in the UK. Using internal pelvic therapy, progressive pelvic floor exercises and visualisation techniques will help to get your vaginal muscles and pelvic floor feeling toned and tight. First-line treatment for stress incontinence, prolapse and recovery from childbirth. Also used as a regular maintenance treatment to help prevent complications occurring in the future. Read more…

Increase Sexual Health, Libido and Orgasm

A strong, healthy pelvic floor and vaginal muscles increases pleasure for you and your partner, boosting libido and enhancing orgasms. Increased blood flow to the pelvic area increases sensation. Vaginal tissue health and lubrication is also enhanced. Read more…

Tone Your Vagina after Having a Baby

Get everything feeling ‘back to normal’ after having a baby. Increase pelvic and vaginal tone by strengthening the pelvic floor. A strong pelvic floor reduces your chance of complications later in life, such as stress incontinence and prolapse. Read more…

Stress Incontinence and Prolapse

Pelvic floor and vaginal muscles that are strong, toned and have a good blood supply are able to adequately support your bladder, urethra and other pelvic organs, which help to address stress incontinence and prolapse. If you have had children or are going through the menopause, this is the perfect treatment to prevent or treat problems such as this arising.