Support for you every step of the way. From fertility support and pre-conception wellbeing to pregnancy bodywork, birth preparation and post-natal services.

Helen is currently undertaking further postgraduate specialist training in this field with Suzanne Yates of ‘Well Mother’, a renowned international specialist in Shiatsu for pregnancy, birth and babyhood.

This page details all the services that are on offer for this crucial time.

Discuss your needs with Helen so that packages can be designed to meet your requirements and for discounts to be applied.

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Fertility & Pre-Conception
Birth Preparation
Post-natal Services
Birth Trauma and Birth Loss

Fertility & Pre-Conception

Individual Holistic Pelvic CareTM and Shiatsu sessions can be booked as stand alone treatments for Fertility & Pre-conception care.

Fertility Boost Session

1 Session (2.5 hours)

A 2.5 hour appointment giving you Holsitic Pelvic CareTM and Women’s Health Shiatsu.

  • Holistic Pelvic CareTM will help address stagnation within the pelvis and in the organs of the pelvis (ovaries, uterus etc), aid pelvic alignment and enhance energetic flow and blood circulation.
  • Yes Baby! Organic Lubricant is a fertility friendly lubricant is used during Fertility-based treatments. It has a pH and osmolality matched to semen during ovulation and matched to typical vaginal pH after ovulation.
  • Shiatsu allows us to work more holistically with the energy of the whole body allowing us to address imbalances elsewhere that may be directly impacting on fertility and reproductive health.
  • Use of visualisations and breathwork which can be used by you at home.
  • You will be taught acupressure points commonly used by fertility acupuncturists for you to be able to do at home.
  • Discussion on other factors around fertility can be explored if needed such as lifestyle, intimacy and stress.
  • Reccommendations for further treatment can be given if wanted.
  • The Fertility Boost session can support conventional fertility treatment. The use of Holistic Pelvic CareTM can only be used at certain times during some conventional fertility treatment.
Pre-Conception Wellbeing

1 Session (2.5 hours)

A 2.5 hour appointment giving you Holistic Pelvic CareTM and Women’s Health Shiatsu. Very similar to The Fertility Boost Session, however this session is aimed at those less worried about fertility.


Pregnancy Shiatsu & Energetic Holistic Pelvic CareTM

Whether you are looking for support through your entire pregnancy, wanting to resolve a particular health issue, or simply want a one-off treatment for relaxation, Helen delivers treatments which are tailored to your specific needs and requirements. The journey through pregnancy can be a very joyous and positive time for some people or it can be a time of uncertainty, questioning and great difficulty. Whatever you are feeling about your journey through pregnancy, Helen works with where you are, and Shiatsu can help to bring balance and restore clarity.

All the stages/trimesters of pregnancy are supported by the use of Shiatsu, energetic Holistic Pelvic CareTM, breathwork, visualisation and exercises where necessary.

Shiatsu can support during pregnancy by:

      • aiding relaxation and reducing stress; creating optimum conditions for you and your baby.
      • enhances pre-natal bonding with your baby.
      • treatment and relief of common pregnancy ailments such as: nausea and vomiting; swollen legs and ankles; varicose veins; musculoskeletal tension; tiredness; breast tenderness; carpal tunnel syndrome.
      • helping to prevent conditions from arising.
      • provides an alternative treatment of ailments where medication cannot be used, such as headaches, sickness, digestive problems, constipation, diarrhoea etc.
      • giving space for emotional exploration of any issues or worries experienced during this time.
      • giving self-care recommendations such as: exercises, breathing & relaxation techniques, pelvic floor strengthening and postural awareness.
      • improves circulation and lymphatics.
      • encouraging optimal fetal positioning of the baby in preparation for labour
      • helping the people close to you be involved as we can support your partner or any eager children learn some Shiatsu techniques so they can give you Shiatsu throughout your pregnancy. This can also help your partner to bond with the baby pre-natally.

Birth Preparation

Birth Preparation Session

1 Session (90 minutes)

Attend on your own or with a partner. Learn birth positions, relaxation techniques, labour induction points, and ways to manage pain. More and more women are having birth preparation sessions to learn various ways to help make their labour more relaxed, happy and healthy.

A birth preparation session is immensely helpful by:

  • supporting you to tune in and to listen to your body.
  • raising awareness of your baby.
  • helping prepare emotionally and physically for labour.
  • encouraging optimal fetal positioning.
  • encouraging relaxation and confidence in the birth process.
  • developing strategies for managing pain.
  • learning birth positions which help the birthing process.
  • learning the labour induction points to support the energy of birth.

Shiatsu has shown to help promote shorter labours, decrease the need for medical intervention, decrease pain and anxiety and promote breastfeeding and ease of breastfeeding.

Birth Preparation sessions give partners or those close to the pregnant woman a chance to be equipped with tools and techniques to help relieve the symptoms of late pregnancy such as back pain, insomnia and stress. At a time when birth partners or those close to the pregnant woman find it difficult to support the woman, you are given some tips on how you can ease aches and pains, bond with the baby yourself and provide the emotional support needed.

The labour induction points can help to prevent medical induction of labour when women are overdue- these points will be taught to you so that these can be applied by yourself at home.

Overdue Service with Labour Induction Points

Attend for a one-off appointment when you are overdue for application of the ‘Labour Induction Points’. Shiatsu will support the energies of late pregnancy encouraging initiation of labour. You will also be shown the points for you to do at home.

Post-Natal Sessions & Packages

Tone Your Vagina After Having A Baby- The ‘Tone My Vagina’ Offer

Tone Your Vagina After Having A Baby! Have a look at our ‘Tone My Vagina’ Treatment Offer!

Post-natal care is greatly overlooked here in the UK.  In France, the health of a woman’s pelvis is taken seriously, and women are offered pelvic toning and treatment in the post-natal period.

The treatment addresses many of the post-natal issues new mothers suffer with such as weakened pelvic muscles and pelvic pain. Many of the problems that arise from having interventions during labour can be addressed with Holistic Pelvic CareTM.

Even after a caesarean birth, the pelvic muscles, vagina and fascia can become stretched either from the pregnancy or the force required to lift a baby from the uterus. This stretches and alters the position of the uterus in the pelvis and decreases the ability of pelvic muscles to engage.

The benefits of having Holistic Pelvic CareTM post-natally include:

  • Increase tone in your pelvic muscles and vagina
  • Reduced urinary incontinence
  • Helps to address pelvic pain and discomfort
  • Assists in overall healing
  • Restores pelvic balance and pelvic realignment
  • A feeling of ‘being back to normal’ after having a baby
  • Increased sexual satisfaction for you
  • Healing the effect from birth interventions such as episiotomy, bruising and scarring
  • Healing from the emotional and traumatic experiences you may have faced during labour
  • Helps to prevent prolapse later in life
  • Helps with pelvic health for your next pregnancy

Upgrade your session to the Post-natal Women’s Wellness Package- a 2 hour treatment giving you the ‘Toning My Vagina’ treatment offer as well as post-natal Shiatsu and exercises to help strengthen abdominals and revitalise energy flow post-pregnancy. Read more about the benefits of post-natal shiatsu below.

Post-natal Women’s Wellness Package- Course of 10 two hour treatments: £2000 or £225 for a one-off treatment.

Post-Natal Shiatsu

Shiatsu provides a vital part of care at this crucial time. Shiatsu can be carried out with the baby. Alongside Shiatsu, you will be given guidance on gentle exercises and will be given time to talk if needed.

Shiatsu provides a vital part of care at this crucial time. Shiatsu can be carried out with the baby and supports by:

  • promoting physical and emotional recovery after birth.
  • relieving back, neck and shoulder tension.
  • increasing circulation and lymphatic flow
  • supporting breastfeeding.
  • improving sleep and reduce fatigue.
  • helping with the emotional adjustments of early parenting.
  • aiding relaxation, and improve energy levels.
  • enhancing positive relationships with partner and baby.
  • promoting bonding with baby.
  • healing birth trauma.
  • aiding the healing process of scar tissue (caesarean scar and epesiotomy).
  • easing mastitis and engorgement. Breast shiatsu and massage can be taught to you for you to carry out on your own.

Sessions also involve advice and guidance on post-natal exercises and abdominal & pelvic floor toning. The sessions also offers a space for exploring emotional difficulties and supporting with postnatal depression.

The importance of good post-natal support cannot be emphasised enough in the early weeks after birth. There are many physical and emotional changes which can be effectively supported with Shiatsu. In order for this early post-natal period to be supported, there is the Post-natal Package available for the first 6 weeks which supports mother and baby. Home visits are also available during the early post-natal period.

Baby Shiatsu

Shiatsu for babies is very safe, effective and gentle. It nurtures and enhances their physical and emotional development. Supporting with illness, healing birth trauma and aiding bonding.

Shiatsu for babies is very safe, effective and gentle. It nurtures and enhances their physical and emotional development.

Shiatsu can support your baby in a number of ways:

  • Heal birth trauma.
  • Heal the effects of a birth that’s had intervention (forceps delivery, pain medication, caesarean delivery).
  • Aid bonding between you and your baby.
  • Supports during any periods of illness.
  • Eases ailments commonly experienced by babies such as colic, teething, digestive problems, baby psoriasis and eczema, constipation and diarrhoea, sleep problems, congestion in the chest, and helping with rebalancing posture.
  • It is a wonderful way to help calm your baby.

You can be taught to give the baby Shiatsu yourself so that it can be continued at home. Helen can also give Shiatsu directly to your baby which may be particularly useful if there are any specific concerns or ailments that need addressing. Usually a combination of the two works well. You can be taught where common acupressure points are for treating specific health problems your baby may have.

Baby Shiatsu differs from other types of baby massage as it is based on an ancient system of healing which not only tones and nourishes the skin and muscles, but enhances health of all the organs by using acupressure and other techniques which aid the energy flow in meridians (energy lines) throughout the body.

Post-Natal Women’s Wellness Package

Providing you with both Post-natal Shiatsu & Holistic Pelvic CareTM to support your journey with your new baby. Enhancing wellbeing and recovery.

Healing Birth Loss/Trauma

In this section both birth loss (whether through miscarriage, abortion or still-birth) and birth trauma will be discussed.

In both birth loss and trauma, Holistic Pelvic CareTM can support the physical, emotional and spiritual healing that is required for the healing process if it feels like the right option for you. Space is provided not only to work within the pelvic area to aid physical and emotional healing, but also to provide a space to reflect and talk about your struggles. Helen may make recommendations for referral for other support if you would like.

Birth trauma includes many different experiences, such as unexpected medical intervention, feeling unsupported during the birth process, struggling to cope emotionally or being left with physical pain after birth. Whether labour went according to plan but was overwhelming or whether there were physical or emotional complications leaving you struggling to work through them. Holistic Pelvic CareTM and Shiatsu can provide different types of support during this time.